Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Food Think

I am willing to admit vulnerability to the Oprah Effect. Who isn't? However, I must say that I watched (or at least tried to watch) this movie before she blew it up this afternoon on her show.

I'm talking about Food, Inc. If you haven't seen it, I'm willing to wager a guess that you're not alone. The only reason we rented it was because Matt thought (not knowing exactly what it was about) that it might have been a good movie to show his health classes. So we rented the DVD, popped it in, and sat down to relax and watch.

Far from it.

I made him stop about the time they were showing the chicken houses. The scene with the chicken laying upside down on the ground, barely able to crow (or whatever you call what they do). Put me over the edge. I was crying over chickens.

So after that, I just tried to put it out of my mind. Frankly, it was far too disturbing to me to think of how inhumanely the food I eat and LOVE is treated before it lands on my plate. But now I'm thinking about it again. Thanks alot, Oprah. I'm not saying I'm going to go all organic or (God forbid) vegan. No offense to anyone who does either one of those things, of course. All I'm saying is this...Michael Pollan, the author behind Food, Inc. and Oprah (and anyone else who is a proponent of the clean, whole, organic food and eating thing) have a valid point. We should be more conscious of the things we put into our bodies. And the consequences we are paying as a result of diets that are far too high in sugar and unpronounceable chemicals and preservatives.

So that's it...I'm thinking. Thinking about food in a different way and contemplating small things I can do for myself and my husband on my own that move towards more conscious and kind (to our bodies and other animals) eating.

I'm thinking...right after I finish eating this rotisserie chicken I picked up at Wal-Mart.

But seriously, I'm thinking.

View the Food, Inc. trailer here.

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